O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: os: wmidiag tool finally posted!

Mar 8, 2006

os: wmidiag tool finally posted!

what was once a trivial thing to understand has become an edifice for systems management in the windows space. back when i started learning sms, wmi was completely foreign. it was used primarily to hold configuration data here and there, acting as a mini-database and largely untapped by most software vendors at the time. since its popularity has grown, so has the usage. this is largely ostensible without spinning up wbemtest, opening cim studio, or constructing a single wmi query. if your repository corrupts, there is absolutely no recommendations at this point to remove all items from the wbem repository directory and allow wmi to recover. the ubiquitous usage almost guarantees something will break. i suppose for that reason, wmidiag was born. download it and get to know it. while you're at it, attend the webcast if you can. alain lissoir himself is presenting... content should be great.