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ds: compacting the wins database...

i have been terrible about compacting the wins database. i think about it so infrequently. it's definitely the last thing on my mind. well, according to microsoft, you should compact your wins database when it grows over 30mb. well, it's time. if you want details on jetpack, here's the article . otherwise, here's a short summary: navigate to %systemroot%\system32\wins stop the wins service: net stop wins run jetpack: jetpack wins.mdb tmp.mdb start the wins service: net start wins tmp.mdb can be named anything. it's used to replace the existing file when it finishes. i'm seeing about a 50% reduction in size when i do this. coincidentally, it's the same thing for dhcp except you point it to %systemroot%\system32\dhcp and the dhcp.mdb file. i wrote up this little script to use in mom. depending on the parameters you give, it will check either the wins or the dhcp database to see if it's above 30mb. if it is, it'll create an event. the param

misc: thanks!

for those of you that are MVPs, the kind folks at have once again renewed my one year subscription. for those of that are you not, is an excellent resource when you want to find information relevant to event IDs.

mom: monitoring adam

this just came across. i thought it was interesting for anyone that is interested in monitoring adam. i haven't looked at it yet... i don't really have any adam instances to monitor. anyway, it's a free mp from quest. check it out: .

sms: serial numbers with warranty expiration...

here's something fun to try over the holiday season. marry up serial numbers that you're already collecting from your dell systems and join them to expiration warranty data so that you can see when your systems will go out of warranty. anyway, i'm sure someone very versed in sql scripting can come up with something better than what i've illustrated. i'm using stock scripts from query analyzer. remember, this is completely unsupported by microsoft. :) there are a few things you're going to need to get this started: a csv containing serial numbers and warranty a new table to hold the information a view for the new table a method to get the information into the table a report to look at all the new data for the csv, you're going to need to get this data from dell (or from whatever manufacturer you use). basically, you'll want the format to look like this: ABC1234,12/04/2009 ABC2234,12/04/2008 ... on your sms server, crea

misc: atlanta smug coming up 1/31/07

southeast management user group it's that time again. i've put the agenda below and have provided the links to the event registration. hope to see you there! Event Overview 9:00-10:30 Technical discussion regarding Microsoft’s Desktop Optimization Pack and integration points with System Management Server (SMS) 2003 Service Pack 3 • Application Virtualization with Microsoft SoftGrid • Microsoft Asset Inventory Service • Microsoft Disaster Recovery Toolset • Microsoft Advance Group Policy Management 10:30-10:45 Break 10:45-12:00 Monitoring .NET Applications with Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) & Avicode 12:00-1:00 Working Lunch Managing Mobile Devices with SMS 2003 & Odyssey Software 1:00-2:30 Monitoring SAP with Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) & Tidalsoft 2:30-2:45 Break 2:45-3:30 SMS & MOM Top 10 issues delivered by PSS registration links: January 24th 2007 Event Title : Charlotte Southeast IT Management Meeting

miis: attribute not defined as source exception

i ran into this error recently which the fine folks @ helped me clear up. i didn't find but one reference while googling. even though the reference was right, it made so sense to me. no surprise right? here's the error: Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.AttributeNotDefinedAsSourceException: Attribute "myAttribute" is not declared as a dependency. at Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.Impl.MVEntryImpl.get_Item(String attributeName) at Mms_ManagementAgent_CCI_MA.MAExtensionObject.MapAttributesForExport(String FlowRuleName, MVEntry mventry, CSEntry csentry) i was goofing around with this sample code . the only thing i did was wrap an additional logic to check myAttribute to see if it needed to be processed at all. basically if myAttribute is marked to a value of "A" then do not process the user object under any circumstances. it seems the problem is that i didn't bother to include myAttribute as part of the flow going through the