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orchestrator: overwriting existing global configurations

if you're familiar with importing and exporting runbooks, you have most likely seen the unintrusive little checkbox under the export settings labeled "export global configurations" and under the import settings labeled "import global configurations". how about "overwrite existing global configurations"? any idea what that does? resorting to the help file, it explains the overwrite option as: Select Overwrite existing global configurations to replace any current settings with the settings in the imported runbook or runbooks. Overwriting replaces the entire set of configurations for a particular group. For example, if an imported runbook contains an SNMP activity, any current SNMP settings will be overwritten and any currently configured SNMP activities will be deleted. all this did was provide more confusion for me so i tested a few things to see exactly what i was dealing with. when you export the ois_export file, it's actually exported as xml.

ds: modifying security and the default max size limit for pictures in active directory

i started investigating storing pictures in active directory and came to the understanding that while the default size is 100kb, exchange limited uploads to 10kb. i did a little testing with my own pretty face and realized that a 96x96 image that is less than 10kb is sufficient. anyway, here's a couple of things i dug up. props to wrj for the schema location info. DEFAULT PERMISSIONS another interesting thing to note is that the picture attribute  (otherwise known as thumbnailphoto) is a part of the personal information property set . this matters because, by default, the self security principal  is granted rights to modify attributes in the personal information property set. oh no! SOLUTIONS at this point, paths diverge based on what matters to you: users can manage their own photos users adding photos will bloat the AD database if your concern is the capability of users managing their own photos, you can modify the permissions associated with the self security pri