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misc: flying with cortana

if you’re a windows phone 8.1 user, you’re probably in love with cortana already. she is a fantastic organizer! despite all that, sometimes, she fails to understand your flight itinerary, especially on multi-leg flights. she might capture just one leg of the flight. so how do you fix? i looked for a way to do this but wasn’t able to find any well-documented procedures, so here’s my shot at it. have cortana search for the flight information. in my test, i’m using aa1947 as an example. click the Show AA 1947 updates link. this will add it to your itinerary. if the date isn’t right, don’t worry. you can change it. switch over to the interests section. under travel, you should be able to find your flight information. click on it. under the Flight date section, simply choose which date you’re interested in. now cortana will track that flight for you.

misc: cool things about onenote

onenote has been my constant companion for many years now. between onenote and outlook, i can’t think of very many things that can’t be effectively managed, tasked, or tracked -- at least from a day-to-day perspective. i found some pretty cool things about onenote recently that i thought i’d share: subpages and onetastic.   SUBPAGES for those of that don’t know, i’m an avid pool player. naturally, since i use onenote, i’m a pool player that likes to keep a lot of notes about billiards as you can see in the screenshot. the first thing i want to point out is onenote allows the use of subpages. i went for far too long without knowing that. if you look at #1, you can see how onenote looks when you collapse subpages. #2 is the expanded view. once you collect your pages as subpages, it makes managing them easier since you can work with them in bulk (move, copy, delete, cut, etc.) to create a subpage, right-click the page tab and choose make subpage. the shortcut trick to make or promote

System Center Configuration Manager 2012 Cumulative Update 2

i thought i’d type it all out just to see how long that title would be. crazy. well, if you haven’t heard, CU2 is out for ConfigMgr 2012. here’s three related posts of interest if you’re going to start looking down this path: KB: Description of Windows PowerShell changes in Cumulative Update 2 for System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager HOTFIX: Cumulative Update 2 for System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager is now available HOTFIX: Cumulative Update 2 for the ConfigMgr 2012 R2 Clients for Linux and Unix is now available