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powershell: reading registry values

okay, i admit i still don’t fully have a grasp on how this works as the registry provider is confusing as all hell. however, here are a few links and tidbits that will be valuable later when i have to come back to this:working with registry keys (technet) -
testing existence of registry value - registry module -
remote registry hkcu (awesome example script) -

winnate: upgrading a beta version of windows 8 to rtm

what?! that’s possible?! yes, it is! just in time, too, since any beta versions (release candidates, etc) expire on january 15,’s possible in the same way that windows 7 was possible to do this. now, stating that, i do not advocate doing this as you are sure to introduce stability issues and other oddities. otherwise, why bar it? here’s how it’s done:expand the installation media or copy to a writeable locationopen the directory “sources”locate the file named “cversion.ini”modify the content, changing the values to:[HostBuild]MinClient=7100.0MinServer=7100.0 some claim it doesn’t work so … your mileage may vary, use at your own risk, etc.source: