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winnate – where’s the ctrl+alt+del?

do you prefer your lock screen to require the ctrl+alt+del key sequence to log on? well, i do. i admit it might be force of habit, but i really enjoy that little sense of security. by default, in windows 8, when you hit a key, the picture screen scrolls up, and let’s you log on. if you want your security blanket back, this is what you do: open control panel open up user accounts click on “manage user accounts” switch to the advanced tab under secure sign-in, enable “Require users to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete” and you’re off… :)

winnate – .net framework 3.5

hi again. the first thing i wanted to do when i experienced things i wanted to capture was to fire up live writer. well, i probably didn’t mention it, but i rebuilt my desktop because i was running layer upon layer of betas, previews, and release candidates with windows 7. anyway, a total exercise in frustration trying to blog on something only to run into a different problem that i have to blog on… and so here we are. :)   problem when i attempted to install live writer, i realized .net framework 3.5 was required and missing. generally, you can enable features like this in “programs and features.” i mean, it really should be that simple. however, if your system administrator (or you) has changed policies to redirect your computer to windows server update services (wsus) instead of windows update, you will run into an error message that looks like the following: Windows couldn't connect to the Internet to download necessary files. Make sure that you're connected to the

winnate – modifying hidden sizes

recently i made the jump to windows 8 (hence the name winnate – uh win8?). if you have been a long time user of windows, then you will appreciate the pun since some stuff in windows 8 is -not- winnate knowledge. i’m collecting all of the annoyances, changes, tips along the way and am going to blog about them because i know i’ll be looking for it later. :( secondarily, it might help you too. ;-) here’s the first one.   modifying the bordersize in windows 7, modifying border size was not an issue at all. however, in windows 8, it’s quite a ways buried. in fact, you are left with adjusting it in the registry. why? i dunno. if you want, you can modify the registry to change it. otherwise, this cool utility seems to do the trick. it doesn’t require installation either: tiny windows borders   modifying the desktop icon size again, another seemingly missing setting is the icon size for items on your desktop. this is pretty simple. minimize everything so you don’t disrupt anything or

atlanta systems management user group [atlsmug] meeting 9/7/2012!

if you haven't heard, it's time for another quarterly (?) meeting. :) to help ease your registration (because i know you're coming,) i have embedded the ticket form below. schedule details are still be ironed out and maintained at . look forward to seeing you there! Event management for Atlanta Systems Management User Group [ATLSMUG] Meeting - 9/7/2012 powered by Eventbrite