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03.11.2016 User Group Survey

Hello everyone. I hope that you were able to make the Q1 Atlanta Systems Management User Group (ATLSMUG) meetup! For those that weren’t able to make it, it was a pretty fun event. We had some good stuff on Windows 10 from Bruce and Stephen, had a great selection of fantastic beer, had these amazingly large slices of pizza from Big Pie in the Sky, and had a turn out of over 30 people from three different user groups! It was great to see so many familiar faces and to meet with new people from ATLPUG and WINVUG. Now, we need some help from you. If you made the event, would you mind filling out our little survey? It’ll take you less than 2 minutes but will be immensely powerful in helping us understand what you like and want to get out of these events in the future. Here’s the link: THANKS AGAIN!   Oh, by the way, if you’re looking for the content from the event, here are the slides: Bruce Lyon’s Presentation Stephen Owen’s Presentation 1/2 S

Accessing a Protected Domain Administrator Account

As a good practice measure, the default domain administrator account which comes pre-installed with every Active Directory should be guarded from misuse. We all know this. To follow in this good practice, the account should be renamed from the default name and disabled. So what happens if this account is the one you have to use to recover from a problem? Let’s say, for example, that all of your usual domain administrative accounts are somehow not accessible for use and requires you to get to this account. If it’s disabled, what do you do? Should you find yourself in the scenario that you have a disabled administrator account AND know the password -- Boot up the domain controller to Safe Mode (make sure it is not Safe Mode w/ Networking.) This quasi-enables the account. You can at least log on with it. Using the account and password, log in. Open a command prompt and issue the following: net user administrator /active:yes Now you have an enabled default domain admin account. Y

03.11.2016 ATLSMUG Meet Up!

Hi everyone! Just a reminder of the upcoming 3/11 meet up which is just around the corner. We partnered with Microsoft and joined up with the Atlanta PowerShell User Group and the Windows Infrastructure and Virtualization User Group to bring you some special Windows 10 content. Sorry it took so long to get the details out. We had some challenges rounding up some speakers as it looks like there are some other events going on around the same time. Well, that might be the case, but no other event is going to be doing a pizza and beer get together for you and your closest geeks while you learn some great Windows 10 info. Hope you’ll join us! Bruce Lyons and Stephen Owens has graciously offered to present Windows 10 and other related content. Here’s what’s coming up: + browsers & apps + identity & security + configuration management + continuous innovation + implementation tips & tricks Register for the event HERE . The condition for the funding is that we need