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sms: sql query to display chassis type

here's a query inspired by a post from garth jones for something sherry kissinger whipped up. this sql query basically gives you an output of all of your machines, with the type of chassis. select sys.name0 as 'Name' , sys.manufacturer0 as 'Manufacturer' , sys.model0 as 'Model' , case enc.chassistypes0 when 1 then 'Other' when 2 then 'Unknown' when 3 then 'Desktop' when 4 then 'Low Profile Desktop' when 5 then 'Pizza Box' when 6 then 'Mini Tower' when 7 then 'Tower' when 8 then 'Portable' when 9 then 'Laptop' when 10 then 'Notebook' when 11 then 'Hand Held' when 12 then 'Docking Station' when 13 then 'All in One' when 14 then &#

mom: pending action does not show "requires patching"...

follow along with me on how disjointed this whole thing is. we've been on mom 2005 for quite awhile. after seeing some more than the usual amount of scripting errors and lock ups, i started looking into possible causes. i ran across the hotfix outlined in kb934441 . that's not uncommon, really. now the reason i went with this hotfix versus some others is because of the file version. this one updates to the latest of 5.0.2911.41 (in case you were wondering.) all that background aside, look at these instructions: To apply this hotfix, follow these steps: Copy the MOM2005-SP1-KB934441-X86-IA64-ENU.msi file to a local folder or to a shared folder on the network. If you use a shared folder, make sure that the computers that require this hotfix can access the folder. Log on to one of the computers that require this hotfix by using an account that has administrative credentials. Run the MOM2005-SP1-KB934441-X86-IA64-ENU.MSI file. (You can run the file

sms: you couldn't f5 your way out of a paper bag!

otherwise known as "i've been waiting for async query to complete! " i'm not entirely sure at this point whether or not i love or hate it when you hear the words "thank god you're here!" while you're walking to your desk in the morning. this is before you set your things down, while your lids are still half-shut... and certainly before your first good cup of coffee. i'm just glad most of the time it's someone cracking a joke. too bad it wasn't this morning. it's not that i'm saying it was a necessarily terrible thing. it's always great to have something new to discover, get frustrated with, and eventually conquer ... or most likely ... concede. today's problem du jour was a sms issue. (i'm sure you caught on to that by the title.) collection evaluator was taking a tremendously long time trying to refresh certain collections. the collection evaluator log indicated a problem like this: Preparing to refresh colle