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powershell: counting characters to validate strings...

throwing a note together for my failing memory. while running a command to retrieve some values from esx, chris and I ran into a weird problem.  the following command would fail to retrieve the scsi lun information where the model equals symmetrix. Get-VMHost myESXHost | Get-ScsiLun | where { $_.Model -eq "SYMMETRIX" }   while this failed, it worked using a wildcard search. Get-VMHost myESXHost | Get-ScsiLun | where { $_.Model -like "*sym*" }   the most logical thing we decided was funky characters -- and most likely whitespace.  this is what I came up with to find the character count in the model: (Get-VMHost myESXHost | Get-ScsiLun | where { $_.Model -like "*sym*" } | Select-object -First 1).model | Measure-Object -Character

opalis: working with the active directory integration pack

a conversation with my buddies kwan thean keong and alexandre verkinderen got me started on looking into this particularly finicky integration pack.  it seems that during the transition of opalis to microsoft, some things were lost in translation.  this is an attempt to restore some of that but only so far as I've tested -- which admittedly, is not much.   requirements first of all, let's talk about what you're going to need.  one of the things lost apparently were some release notes that provided the much needed requirements that would have saved many an admin some hair and frustration.  as stated in the provided help file for this intpack: System requirements, installation, license, removal and known issues information is published in the Release Notes for this Integration Pack. ah, but fortunately, the details were captured in this blog post .  here is a synopsis. System Requirements Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework Windows PowerShell 1.0 Quest Powershell Commands