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windows anti-virus exclusion list

if you manage anti-virus in any form, you are already familiar with exclusion lists. this wiki article supplies links to just about any microsoft product you can think of and all of the exclusions you may need. pro tip: if you subscribe to the article , you can get updates whenever more products are added.

sccm: integrating dell warranty data into configmgr

UPDATE : forgot to add the preparatory step to randomize the datescriptran values. UPDATE : greg ramsey asked me to post the script so here it is. click HERE . it's called UPDATE: somehow i included scott’s file in my zip which caused some confusion. i have since removed it so if you need it, be sure to visit his blog for the freshest version. thanks dionna for pointing it out! this is a process for joining dell warranty information to your configmgr discovery and inventory database. challenges in the past have been that dell was not very forthcoming with providing an easy to query, easy to access warranty database. often times it had to be delivered to you in a spreadsheet or scraped off a webpage which made for inconsistent data updates and constant script failures.   history in my time as an administrator, there have been many iterations of this that i have used. the first one was a little vbscript i wrote which would take a text dump i w