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LOAD "*",8,1

trip down memory lane. while sipping coffee this morning, i suddenly became curious about how many of you all are old enough to remember this: load "*",8,1 (which is also in my blog header) ... well, if you were ever curious, it's a command from commodore dos, which instructs the computer to load the first thing on the disk. as long as the first thing was what you wanted to load up, it was a cool, quick way to do it. hope you are having a wonderful thanksgiving holiday.

sccm: top console users report

let me preface this post by saying, this is in a 2007 environment. in a 2012 environment, you have user/device affinity. :-) right? you’re thinking to yourself… self, this already exists natively in configmgr, why am i reading this blog post? let me try to answer that. in some environments, it is not uncommon for domain accounts to run as services on a workstation (e.g. blackberry, mcafee, etc). when this happens, the top console user for a system ends up being the service account. i figured the best thing to do would be to write my own and eventually elevate it to a view of some type that i could use for reporting. i started off by taking apart the v_gs_system_console_usage_maxgroup view and creating my own query. what I ended up with is a bit frankenstein with some of the field names that do not make sense. this is somewhat because the original query used a different method of calculation… and mostly because i am freakin’ lazy. here’s the final outcome: SELECT SYS.Name0,