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PowerShell: Static Methods

Thanks for the “Useful Static .NET Methods” PowerTip of the Day . Read the article.   Find all static methods. [net.dns] | gm -MemberType *method -static   Find all signatures (overload definitions). [net.dns]::GetHostByAddress   One last thing, if you’re looking for a good reference list of static methods that are useful, pick up a copy of Windows PowerShell Cookbook, 3rd Edition, by Lee Holmes .

Importing a RSA Token on Windows Phone

I recently (this morning) had the good fortune of having to recover my Windows Phone. I run a Lumia 920. It’s been rock solid but recently have had stability issues. It kept locking up and rebooting itself randomly. This morning, it locked up. I rebooted it, and it locked up again. Finally, I rebooted it once more and got the light blue screen of death with the frowny face. While thinking about all of the apps I would have to go in and configure, the one I dreaded most was getting my RSA token reconfigured. Why? I didn’t bother to write down the steps the last time I went through it. Now, I will remedy that problem. Here we go. Get the RSA SecurID app from the Windows Phone Store HERE . The next thing you need to do is to install the RSA SecurID Software Token Converter . (All you really need is the TokenConverter.jar file.) Next, however you do it, request a token. Once you got the token, put the token (usually ends in .stdid) and the TokenConverter.jar file into the same dire