O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: mom: useless exchange rule

Mar 27, 2006

mom: useless exchange rule

remember this rule? exchange availability report is dependent on the script generating 9980 events. well, i finally shut it off. i have 500,000 events in my production database right now. i figured if my database is grooming at 4 days, then the calculations would stand to this reason:
  1. 4 days = 500,000 events; therefore, the production database is storing 125,000 of these a day.
  2. 125,000 * 60 = 7,500,000 since the mom warehouse stores 60 days (61 actually... but who's counting?)
now, assuming all has been going well, the corollary philosophy here is that i am not actually losing any data for availability. why? well, first of all, the exchange availability report that comes from the exchange mp was a monster to run. clearly, you can see why. second, the availibility report that comes from the availability reporting mp doesn't even use 9980. it uses 1001 (and some other stuff, but 1001 for the purpose of exchange). with availability reporting and sla scorecard in place, i'm not going to worry about losing 9980s.