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improvements to finding things close to you

I am a fountain of technical terms, I know. in my opinion, one of the most convenient things about active directory is the ability to locate stuff. I don’t mean searching through the directory to find an object exactly. more so, I’m referring to how you can locate things like a DFS server or a domain controller without thinking about it. I don’t have to select which DC I want to use to authenticate me, for example. if you spend any amount of time managing your active directory sites, you probably want to maximize your return on that work. managing sites is referring to the management of the site containers and objects. for instance, managing the subnets assigned to sites or the costs associated to site links would be an administrative task you might perform. if all you did was manage the subnets associated to sites, you would get the immediate benefit of clients knowing where to go to get services, but what happens if where they were going is no longer available? well, in the DFS or