O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: mom: graphing performance in the operator console

Mar 28, 2006

mom: graphing performance in the operator console

well, i've had more than a few requests on how to do this. i thought it'd be helpful to share and have a convenient link to send for anyone else that doesn't know how to do it. everyone knows that you can graph performance data in the mom 2005 operator console, but how do you do it longer than the default of two hours (or whatever is specified)? let's take a look at the performance data view "free megabytes". it's located under microsoft windows server base os/performance/logical disk. this is all you have to do.
  1. on free megabytes (left pane), right-click and choose properties.
  2. the first tab of this window is "criteria". click the measured in specified time period.
  3. click the link in the lower window and specify the time frame for the graph you want.
  4. click ok.
  5. choose the items you want to include.
  6. select draw graph.
now you have a graph of data in a longer time range.