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ds: old run history is cluttering your database...

and maybe you did or didn't know it. when this happens and you accumulate run history, some not so good stuff happens. for one, the database grows to proportions that should be saved for real space hogs like mom reporting servers. :) the second problem is that if you have to get rid of the agent for any reason, it will first want to remove all associated run histories. if you have too many of them, this operation can make trips to grandma's house short by comparison. to keep that stuff under control, you can go into the identity manager console and delete it ( actions | clear runs ). imagine if you could clear all your runs like that... no embarrassing moments taking the donkey down the grand canyon. anyway, you have to do this manually to keep stuff under control. if that isn't your bailiwick, may i suggest... the more graceful approach of using miisclearrunhistory.exe? using this command-line tool, it's just a matter of a few switches to keep your miis data

misc: netstumbler in vista...

in truth, it doesn't work. apparently there isn't a version of netstumbler that works yet with vista. the reason i was looking was because i was having some problems with connectivity or something.  i thought i'd switch the channel that my ap was using to something that wasn't being used in my immediate area.  i couldn't get any information out of the wireless networks gui (or at least i have no idea how).  ah well.  netstumbler wasn't showing any active access points. :/ ... but speaking of stumbling... i did stumble across this gem on in short, you can get information on wireless networks using netsh!  here's the command:   netsh wlan show networks mode=bssid