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powershell: naming functions and cmdlets

creating stuff in powershell and are curious about how to name it?  you already know the verb-noun format, but what are the right verbs to use? use the get-verb cmdlet ! Verb Group ---- ----- Add Common Clear Common Close Common Copy Common Enter Common Exit Common Find Common Format Common Get Common Hide Common Join Common Lock Common Move Common New Common Open Common Pop Common Push Common Redo Common Remove Common Rename

opalis: guidance on troubleshooting failed workflows

as you move into deeper integration stories with opalis, it’s probable that you’re going to run into situations where the expected outcome isn’t quite as you dreamed. now why is this?  it’s usually because as you write the process, it isn’t completely determined what you’ll need.  this manifests itself often for me (anyway) as security related problems.  the most common reason this occurs is that you are designing as your own account and running your workflows as the opalis action service account. so, if you would, allow me to offer a little guidance on this. repeat to yourself: i am not the opalis action account.   this has a profound effect in separating you from your delusion that the universe does not want you to succeed today.  the point really is to remember that that testing console runs as the user launching the opalis client.  here's a demonstration by pete. review your audit history.  it's object specific but sometimes you can glean problems occurring by viewing