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faq: how do i retrieve objects that do not match a criteria?

question “i’m trying to build a collection on an ou that looks to see if the scom agent is installed?  i’ve tried the simple value add remove programs with product id as well as display name.  if it’s set to equals it will collect only machines that have scom installed.  as soon as i switch it to “not equals”, everything shows up, both servers with and without the scom install.  same basic principal is true when i tried to do it with attribute class software files. what would be the best way to sort the collection so only machines without scom agents get discovered?”   answer the quick answer is to use a subselect query.  i never bothered to blog this myself since it was covered quite well and quite in depth by other bloggers.  i’ve listed one of my favorite articles below.  the second link is just an example of how to further use this concept.

64-bit trace32? finally.

johan arwidmark of fame posted an article regarding the availability of trace64.exe in a very obscure download.  it’s inside of the mdt 2010 healthcare download .  finally, a 64-bit version of trace32!  anyway, if you don’t want to download the entire thing and extract ~130 files just to get it, you can pull it from my skydrive location .

march user group follow-up …

in case you missed it, we tried something new (to us … but of course, not to the rest of the world.)  we streamed the entire user group meeting incorporating in person attendees, in person presenters, virtual attendees and virtual presenters! it was really cool.  as with every user group, microsoft has continued to support us by providing the facilities and equipment to make it happen.  this time, they threw in a microsoft roundtable conferencing device, which made the experience that much cooler.  not to mention, they brought a lot of awesome swag to give away. was instrumental in getting this show going.  they helped secure a sponsor: prowess.  many thanks to rory and pete.  prowess came in, did a short demonstration on smartdeploy , and fed everyone a trough of barbeque – which i hear was quite good. :)  o’reilly has been a long time sponsor supplying books for giveaways and for review. anyway, this is just a post to direct you to material which we sa