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atlanta smug (atlsmug) coming up 4/22/11

hi all. in case you're not on the mailing list, I just wanted to let you know that we have another user group meeting coming up april 22, 2011. yes, that's good friday. no, we didn't realize it. :) at any rate, if you can make it out, we'd be happy as punch to have you. if not, you can always join virtually. if you're so inspired, you can come out for part of it and join virtually for the other part. anyway, all the details and registration links are at . here's a real quick agenda: Presenters Agenda Time Start Time End Breakfast 9:30 9:50 ATLSMUG Opening 9:50 10:00 Dan Newton v.Next Year – What You Need to Know About the Upcoming 2012 System Center Releases 10:05 11:00 Greg Cameron Delivering and Managing the Private Cloud with System Center 2012 11:05 12:00 Lunch Break 12:05 12:25 John Rush (Shavlik) 3rd-Party Software Patching Using S

sccm: client stuck downloading package with bit .tmp files in cache directory

honestly, it's very early (by my standards). my creativity is not quite awake yet hence the very bad subject name of this post. I can't really find a good error message that would capture the essence of this problem. so... I guess you'll just have to read my rambling instead. let's get started. when this problem spurs up it looks as if the client is attempting to download the package but never gets anywhere with it. what's the first thing any sccm admin does? read logs, yes. one of the best ways I've found of reading logs is to start by running a search against the logs directory and dumping out anything matching the package id, advertisement id, etc to a new txt file. this is what I found. in the cas.log, the client is clearly getting the policy and location of the package. Matching DP Location found 0 - \\mySMSServer\SMSPKGC$\XYZ00017\ Requesting content XYZ00017.1, size (KB) 60833, under context S-0-0-00-1111111111-1111111111-111111111-111111 with prior

sccm: content hash fails to match

back in 2008, I wrote up a little thing about how distribution manager fails to send a package to a distribution point . even though a lot of what I wrote that for was the failure of packages to get delivered to child sites, the result was pretty much the same. when the client tries to run the advertisement with an old package, the result was a failure because of content mismatch. I went through an ordeal recently capturing these exact kinds of failures and corrected quite a number of problems with these packages. the resulting blog post is my effort to capture how these problems were resolved. if nothing else, it's a basic checklist of things you can use.   DETECTION status messages take a look at your status messages. this has to be the easiest way to determine where these problems exist. unfortunately, it requires that a client is already experiencing problems. there are client logs you can examine as well such as cas, but I wasn't even sure I was going to have enough m