O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: 02.16

Feb 17, 2016

Community Roadshow 3.11.2016

Doing something a little bit differently this time. We’ve partnered with Microsoft to bring you timely content on Windows 10! I don’t have a complete schedule yet as we are still bringing in speakers for the event.

Mark your calendars now though and go register so you can get the clearance to show up! March 11, 2016.

At some point, Flatiron City will be a venue which opens up and becomes available for events like these. In the meantime, we’re still hosting out of Alpharetta. All of the details are going to show up here as we put it together. http://www.atlsmug.org/events/iti-community-roadshow-registration


So what’s different you ask? Well, a few things. First of all, we’re being joined by the Windows Infrastructure and Virtualization User Group as well as the Atlanta PowerShell User Group. Pretty cool, right? If nothing else, you’ll get exposure to the great folks in the other communities here in Atlanta.

Secondly, we typically do a full day meetup. Instead of that format, we are opting with a 12ish to 4ish configuration. Instead of the usual breakfast/lunch scenario, we’re going to do a PIZZA & BEER event! (and maybe some wine if you really want that…)

So bring your appetite for food and knowledge! Look forward to seeing you there. Drop me a personal note if you have any questions. My UG email is marcus.oh@atlsmug.org.