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remote desktop keyboard shortcuts

because you're going to need them... and when you get around to using windows 8, you'll see what I mean. I picked this up from . dropping it here for reference.

how to manage emails and tasks

warning: this is not really a technology related post. this is a system I use to manage my team, my tasks, follow-ups, etc. it's all based in the paradox of choice that is outlook and the way you can do practically the same thing in about 37 different ways. I demonstrated this to my team the other week, and they really enjoyed it and found it immensely practical. (I might be embellishing a little with my use of the word "immensely". :) ) the concept is that 95% of the email you receive, you will probably never do anything with. we hang on to it though for fear we'll forget about it the second it moves out of our inbox. I use my system to correctly identify emails, looking at them once, categorizing them and moving on. why spend energy rereading the same email over and over?   creating a framework first of all, define some folders for categories. for instance, I use the following: @action - things I need to follow up with @archive - stuff I need to hold on to