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how to use dropbox to synchronize windows 7 sticky notes

you may remember awhile back, I wrote up some s teps on how to use windows live mesh to achieve sticky notes synchronization . live mesh, sync, and now mesh again, was a great product to use for this purpose because you could point to the folder and tell it to sync it. unfortunately, I didn't find it very reliable and by the comments I read, neither did a lot of my readers. this morning, I got quite frustrated by a couple of things going on. first of all, no sync! second, digsby ! sticky notes and digsby are two things I've come to rely on. there's some talk about a protocol change (or using old protocols or something like that) I read that pointed to digsby 's msn having connection problems while using windows live mesh. while live mesh was running, msn would drop off. according to their blog, it's a known issue and will be revised in a future release. anyway, so here I am. I decided to get rid of mesh in favor of something I've been using awhile and have co