O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: sms: dcm (desired configuration monitoring)

Feb 17, 2006

sms: dcm (desired configuration monitoring)

i decided it was about time i started looking at desired configuration monitoring since the likelihood that we'll move to sms v4 in the short term is pretty close to zero. anyway, to date, i haven't done a thing with it. the interface is clunky and unintuitive. oh well, there are probably plenty worse, and i can't hide from it forever. here are some links i found to more information (someone left me a comment on a previous post that directed me on this search). my hope is that if i post these links someone else will actually do all the work in understanding dcm and write up some cute, easy-to-follow guide. :) dcm technet site dcm technet documentation dcm download dcm developer's blog the dcm developer's blog is pretty good stuff. whoever dropped that note, thanks!