O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: mom: what is the action account?

Feb 20, 2006

mom: what is the action account?

another rainy day. i was having a discussion with a coworker about some issues that we encountered after one of our mom action accounts locked out. i had forgotten nearly everything that it's responsible for. it then struck me. i wrote an article on this. here's a small blurb:
  • Runs computer discovery.
  • Performs agent push-installations (similar to SMS 2003 Client Push Installation account).
  • Performs uninstallations and settings updates for agent-managed computers.
  • Runs tasks issued from the MOM console.
  • Runs responses and scripts on agent-managed computers (including the Management Server).
  • Performs actions on agentless and agent-managed computers.
  • Collects data from agentless and agent-managed computers.
  • Communicates with agentless and agent-managed computers.