O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: what's for dinner? i'm hungry!

Aug 23, 2005

what's for dinner? i'm hungry!

i just discovered this site called restaurant.com. the motto is "eat. drink. save money". i'm cool with that. most of the certificates don't cover drinks as it turns out, though. so maybe the motto should be "eat. save money."? there's a few other gotchas. you can only use one certificate per party. you can only use a certificate at that particular restaurant once per month. there's some great restaurants on this site though... most $25 certificates cost $10. $10 certificates cost $3, etc. the certificates have stipulations like having to order $35 worth of food for the $25 certificate. anyway, i ran into this a LONG time ago but wasn't sure if it was legitimate. however, after running across this coupon code... i had to try it! anyway, it's 73639 in case you get an itch to try it yourself.