O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: mom server performance advisor mp - first thoughts

Aug 24, 2005

mom server performance advisor mp - first thoughts

i've read over the readme for the spa mp. my first thoughts are that it sounds fairly intriguing. looks like it can be set to kick off a spa data collection whenever an event is detected, such as cpu sustained busy for x minutes. also could be useful to kickoff an active directory collection whenever lsass exponential memory usage is detected, for example. the only suggestion i'd have to the mp authors is... where is the task to deploy spa? certainly there must be some way to do this since it's a msi. i suppose i could hack and slash my way through the mbsa mp (do not recommend using unless you have no other vuln mgmt tool) to look at their script code to see how they setup the deployment tasks - or the exbpa mp (very noisy, also not recommended).