O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: 2012 r2 series: enhancements to iaas

Sep 3, 2013

2012 r2 series: enhancements to iaas

oh man, a two-part post! that means twice the reading, twice the summarizing and twice the condensing. :/ oh well. at least all this typing will help warm up my new sculpt keyboard. :) this is the fifth post in the series. read the full post composed of iaas innovations and service provider & tenant iaas experience whenever you get around to it. this covers the first part.

r2 enhancements in networking



r2 enhancements in compute

  • quality of service controls on virtual machine storage while machine is running
  • clustered virtual machines with virtual disks on a separate file server
  • cluster aware updating allows deployment of updates to clustered environments with no downtime
  • exported copies of running virtual machines
  • live migration with compression provides 2x to 3x faster migration, smb direct even faster
  • 2nd gen virtual machines, uefi-based reduces use of emulated legacy devices
  • full remote desktop capabilities (sound, graphics, and most importantly – copy/paste!)


r2 improvements in storage

  • optimized smb direct which takes advantage of rdma-enabled network cards
  • optimized rebalancing of scale-out file server – smb session transitioned seamlessly to optimal node
  • live migration over smb
    • faster migration over rdma-enabled nic
    • multi-channel capable to stream live migration across multiple nics
  • capability to define different bandwidth limits per category of smb traffic
  • data automatically moved between tiered storage media based on performance need
  • writes to storage satisfied by ssd tier and later written to hdd tier (write-back caching)
  • deduplication available on running virtual machine and cluster shared volumes
  • storage spaces integrated into scvmm
  • storagement management api (sm-api) provides unified management for sans, storage spaces, etc
  • scvmm can deploy/configure clustered scale-out file servers