O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: winnate – modifying hidden sizes

Aug 22, 2012

winnate – modifying hidden sizes

recently i made the jump to windows 8 (hence the name winnate – uh win8?). if you have been a long time user of windows, then you will appreciate the pun since some stuff in windows 8 is -not- winnate knowledge.

i’m collecting all of the annoyances, changes, tips along the way and am going to blog about them because i know i’ll be looking for it later. :( secondarily, it might help you too. ;-) here’s the first one.


modifying the bordersize

in windows 7, modifying border size was not an issue at all. however, in windows 8, it’s quite a ways buried. in fact, you are left with adjusting it in the registry. why? i dunno. if you want, you can modify the registry to change it. otherwise, this cool utility seems to do the trick. it doesn’t require installation either: tiny windows borders


modifying the desktop icon size

again, another seemingly missing setting is the icon size for items on your desktop. this is pretty simple.

  • minimize everything so you don’t disrupt anything or inadvertently change the size in other stuff.
  • click on an empty area on the desktop.
  • hold down the ctrl-key and scroll up or down on your mouse to adjust the size.

if you don’t have a scrollwheel on your mouse, i doubt you are running windows 8 anyway. :)