O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: xian network manager 2012

Jun 19, 2012

xian network manager 2012

if you're an opsmgr admin, you either have used or have heard of jalasoft. they've been in the market for quite a while now -- nearly 10 years maybe. anyway, i just wanted to help them get the word out that their 2012 product has released. anyway, i don't have opsmgr 2012 deployed yet so understanding the functional limitations with network discovery is at a bit of a loss right now.

the product screenshots look kind of compelling though. the use of a concept called "netflow" seems to stick out -- which appears to be a kind of way to view traffic patterns and determine  endpoints pushing around a lot of packets.


this seems to be a pretty good definition of netflow according to my friend glenn graham:

Similarly, NetFlow-enabled routers and switches capture measurements of the network traffic at points in the network and transmit this captured data in the form of User Datagram Protocol (UDP) or Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) packets to a NetFlow collector for further processing, analysis and archiving.

it definitely appears worth a look. check it out: http://www.jalasoft.com/xian/networkmanager