O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: two upcoming events i wanted to mention

May 24, 2012

two upcoming events i wanted to mention

hi and good morning. i wanted to mention a couple of upcoming events that may interest you.



JUNE 1ST: the first is the atlanta techstravaganza event which has turned into an annual thing. not sure if you know this or not but atlanta systems management user group is a part of it and has been since the inception. the event has a great line-up of folks -- both mvp and other talent. it's a full day event with food, prizes, etc so plan accordingly. the schedule, registration, and everything else can be found at www.atltechstravaganza.com. hope you can make it!



MULTIPLE EVENTS: the second event is windows server 2012 community roadshow which is brought to you by fellow mvps. it's a four hour event at various locations both stateside and internationally. you can get all the information at the following location: https://ws2012rocks.msregistration.com/Default.aspx

sorry atlanta peepz -- it doesn't appear there's going to be an atlanta event. the closest you'll get is charlotte. that's some poo. oh well. the others don't get the atlanta techstravaganza event! get to one or the other. they both look good... :)