O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: adjusting “failed to send notification using server/device”

Oct 13, 2009

adjusting “failed to send notification using server/device”

the actual rule name is “Failed to send through device alerting rule” that we’ll be working with.  i’m not going to go into length explanations since this is fairly straightforward.  just a few things that i wanted to point out (mainly links to good info).  basically, this alert has no overrides that are useful.  it kept sending out messages that looked like this:

Notification subsystem failed to send notification using device/server ‘sip.myDomain.com' over 'sip' protocol to 'sip:myUser@myDomain.com'. Microsoft.Collaboration.SignalingException: The requested operation failed.: Sip response: Temporarily Unavailable (0x1e0). Rule id: Subscriptione94d0bc3_ff32_48dc_8e96_3fdda0ba1663

this tends to come up often if the user is not online when the alert is sent through.  i suppose you could try to limit the number of times you’d run into this scenario by adjusting the hours that IM is used for alert notification (or not using it at all).  i opted to create an identical rule with the right event criteria.

  • ran logparser and dumped the event so that i could see the exact parameters.  it’s detailed HERE on stranger’s blog.  the output is separated by pipes.  i reformatted it to make it easier to read:
1 myManagementGroup|
2 Subscriptione94d0bc3_ff32_48dc_8e96_3fdda0ba1663|
3 Alert Notification Subscription Server|
4 {E07E3FAB-53BC-BC14-1634-5A6E949F9230}|
5 sip|
6 sip.myDomain.com|
7 sip:myUser@myDomain.com|
8 Microsoft.Collaboration.SignalingException|
9 The requested operation failed.: Sip response: Temporarily Unavailable (0x1e0)

  • created an identical rule with the following properties (reference HERE for kevin’s blog post if you need more information):
    • expression -
      • Event ID equals 31503
      • Event Source equals Health Service Modules
      • Parameter 1 equals $Target/ManagementGroup/Name$
      • Parameter 5 does not equal sip
    • response -
      • Suppression – Parameter 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

now you simply need to disable the original rule and turn this one on (saving it to your own management pack of course).  we simply set the event rule to pick up where parameter 5 does not equal sip.  by doing this we’ve effectively stopped any alerts on notifications where sip is involved.

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