O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: miis: attribute not defined as source exception

Dec 12, 2006

miis: attribute not defined as source exception

i ran into this error recently which the fine folks @ mmsug@yahoogroups.com helped me clear up. i didn't find but one reference while googling. even though the reference was right, it made so sense to me. no surprise right? here's the error:
Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.AttributeNotDefinedAsSourceException: Attribute "myAttribute" is not declared as a dependency. at Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.Impl.MVEntryImpl.get_Item(String attributeName) at Mms_ManagementAgent_CCI_MA.MAExtensionObject.MapAttributesForExport(String FlowRuleName, MVEntry mventry, CSEntry csentry)
i was goofing around with this sample code. the only thing i did was wrap an additional logic to check myAttribute to see if it needed to be processed at all. basically if myAttribute is marked to a value of "A" then do not process the user object under any circumstances. it seems the problem is that i didn't bother to include myAttribute as part of the flow going through the rule extension. i was flowing employeeStatus to userAccountControl but didn't bother to include myAttribute. in identity manager, i needed to ctrl-click both attributes exported through the rule extension into userAccountControl. that took care of it. :)