O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: mom: remove computer groups from reporting server

Aug 17, 2006

mom: remove computer groups from reporting server

i have been a slacker. don't have anything interesting to post lately. been doing some routine maintenace work and getting started on an upgrade. anyway, i won't hold you in suspense much longer... har. if you have computer groups in your drop-down selections of your mom reports, you can get rid of them if they annoy you that badly. it's unsupported but thought it was an interesting gem to capture. here's the details courtesy of a list member on msmom@lists.myitforum.com. issue this sql query against your mom reporting server database (systemcenterreporting):
delete from sc_computerruledimension_table where name = 'computergroupname'
just replace computergroupname with the name of the computer group you can't stand to look at.