O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: mom: resolveguid is a such a task!

May 3, 2006

mom: resolveguid is a such a task!

isn't it though? none of the agents come configured with resolveguid set. all of this has to be done post installation, post agent rollout. there's no command-line tool or built-in task to simplify this process. at the request of one of the management mvps, i wrote a script to use as a mom task.

the background: by default, when security events are picked up, the sids/guids are not resolved. if you're into resolving them manually, you're set (or manic or crazy or [insert favorite word for getting institutionalized]). otherwise, using the resolveguid registry key will automatically resolve the sids/guids. microsoft published an article about it. if you want the more (frenetic) information with a canadian sense of humor, rory has blogged ad nauseum on this topic.

the foreground: i've linked to the script at the end of this blog. all you need to do is go to one of them, copy the contents into the clipboard and create a new script in mom. i used these parameters for the mom script properties:

  • name: [clever, easily identifiable name]
  • description: adds resolveguid registry key to mom agent
  • language: vbscript
  • script: [paste script here]
  • parameters: none
alright, now the first part is done. navigate to the tasks section. i created a new task under microsoft operations manager because this seemed to make the most sense. the script doesn't stop/start the mom agent after the key is added (even though its required in order to take effect). i figured they're probably things that should happen separately, at the discretion of some type of maintenance window. at any rate, the other tasks are located here for stop/start. anyway, wherever you feel comfortable...
  • run location: agent-managed computer
  • task type: script
  • target role: mom agent
  • script to run: [clever, easily identifiable name of your script above]
  • parameter default values: [none]
now to execute, open the operator console (or console refresh), the task will be available under microsoft operations manager. you can select multiple agents at once (up to 50) and run it. i've posted the script on a few of my favorite resources (momresources.org and myitforum.com) if you want to grab it. comments, rewrites, markups, whatever... always welcome. i'm no scripting guru.