O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: ds: how to setup mail forwarding without a contact object

May 11, 2006

ds: how to setup mail forwarding without a contact object

hmmm, you say... never saw that before. neither had i. every reference i could locate about this topic directed me to setup a contact object to forward to. however, the talented messaging guys i work with came up with a different process. i thought i'd share it for the good of humanity. alright, so let's say you find yourself in a situation where someone leaves the company and wants [his/her] mail forwarded. here's the process you would take to make this work:
  1. gather these fields. take down this information. step 2 will blow it away.
    • mail
    • mailNickname
    • proxyAddresses primary)
  2. disconnect [his/her] mailbox.
  3. put these fields back in for the user object.
    • mail
    • mailNickname
    • proxyAddresses (primary from step 1)
    • proxyAddresses (secondary - the email address to forward to)
    • targetAddress (the email address to forward to)
whenever an email comes in for [him/her], the email will forward to the new address. to elaborate a little on the above steps, the primary address has a capitalized "SMTP:" where as all secondaries has a lowercase "smtp:". if the user is Ima Seeyanya and their old address is ima.seeyanya@olddomain.com and their new address is ima_seeyanya@forwarding.com, the values would fill in as such:
  • proxyAddresses: SMTP:ima.seeyanya@olddomain.com
  • proxyAddresses: smtp:ima.seeyanya@forwarding.com
  • targetAddress: SMTP:ima.seeyanya@forwarding.com
things to note: retaining mailNickname will let users continue to resolve the email address with this method. this method does not remove the user from any distribution lists [he/she] belongs to.