O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: winternals presentation - understanding malware

Nov 7, 2005

winternals presentation - understanding malware

recently, i attended a presentation by Winternals called "Understanding Malware: Spyware, Viruses, and Rootkits". from what i understand, it was an abbreviated version of the presentation at teched. for what it was worth (free), it was pretty good. it was a couple of days after russinovich's blog about sony's drm rootkit. timing couldn't have been more perfect. it was more or a less a pitch for recovery manager. it's a pretty cool tool by its own right. as a mvp, i received a free copy to try out. i wasn't really inspired to do it until i saw their demo... anyway, i thought it was pretty cool that at the end of the slidedeck, one of the many resource links they listed was the microsoft mvp site! scoring even higher, they sent a trial key and slidedeck the next day. to top it all off, i received a package today from winternals. it was completely unexpected. it's a large, black tin box. i took the lid off to read "Relax, Marcus". kudos to their marketing. that was clever. underneath the pamphlets and thank you note (for attending the presentation) was a hammock. :) nice stuff. wish all vendors were that creative and thoughtful. anyway, if you get a chance to attend this presentation in your city, be sure not to miss it.