O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: useless mom trivia

Sep 13, 2005

useless mom trivia

question: in the Microsoft Windows Storage State Monitoring Script, there is a value called "MegaByteFreeSpaceThreshold". what is this value for? answer: absolutely nothing. in the script, the value for the parameter above gets set here:
THRESHOLD_MB = GetParam("MegaByteFreeSpaceThreshold")
here's the only section of the script that actually uses this value. notice that it's commented out:
'Commenting out Megabyte comparison alone 'If nMBFree < problemstate =" PROBLEMSTATE_RED" alertlevel =" ALERT_CRITICAL_ERROR">
by the way, i should mention that the mp guide actually states the MegaByteFreeSpaceThreshold as a valid parameter but don't discuss how it's valid to any detail. the lack of detail was what made me go snooping around. guess someone didn't do their homework.