O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: mom agents and mcafee 8.0i

Sep 22, 2005

mom agents and mcafee 8.0i

if you've been getting alerts in mom like this one:
The response processor failed to execute a response. The response returned the error message: The remote procedure call failed.
then you may be experiencing what other administrators have experienced when using mom agents w/ mcafee 8.0i. apparently the scriptscan module is causing this behavior to occur. there are two workarounds so far to handle this problem.
  1. the first one requires unregistering the scriptproxy.dll component of mcafee 8.0i. this probably isn't a very savory workaround. it gets the job done though. you can find references to this stuff at microsoft or at mcafee.
  2. the second one is to apply the patch 11 from mcafee. if you look through the readme, you'll see this item referenced in issue #2
A third-party application working with scripts can encounter an access violation error if it passes a NULL pointer to the Script Scan module (SCRIPTPROXY.DLL). The Script Scan module does not refer a NULL pointer. BZ235573 RESOLUTION: The Script Scan module can now refer NULL pointers.
so we can all go back to thanking mcafee for getting off their ass and posting a fix for this problem.

UPDATE: evidently mcafee posted some additional information. here's the link.