O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: powershell: naming functions and cmdlets

Jan 7, 2011

powershell: naming functions and cmdlets

creating stuff in powershell and are curious about how to name it?  you already know the verb-noun format, but what are the right verbs to use?

use the get-verb cmdlet!

Verb                            Group
---- -----
Add Common
Clear Common
Close Common
Copy Common
Enter Common
Exit Common
Find Common
Format Common
Get Common
Hide Common
Join Common
Lock Common
Move Common
New Common
Open Common
Pop Common
Push Common
Redo Common
Remove Common
Rename Common
Reset Common
Search Common
Select Common
Set Common
Show Common
Skip Common
Split Common
Step Common
Switch Common
Undo Common
Unlock Common
Watch Common
Backup Data
Checkpoint Data
Compare Data
Compress Data
Convert Data
ConvertFrom Data
ConvertTo Data
Dismount Data
Edit Data
Expand Data
Export Data
Group Data
Import Data
Initialize Data
Limit Data
Merge Data
Mount Data
Out Data
Publish Data
Restore Data
Save Data
Sync Data
Unpublish Data
Update Data
Approve Lifecycle
Assert Lifecycle
Complete Lifecycle
Confirm Lifecycle
Deny Lifecycle
Disable Lifecycle
Enable Lifecycle
Install Lifecycle
Invoke Lifecycle
Register Lifecycle
Request Lifecycle
Restart Lifecycle
Resume Lifecycle
Start Lifecycle
Stop Lifecycle
Submit Lifecycle
Suspend Lifecycle
Uninstall Lifecycle
Unregister Lifecycle
Wait Lifecycle
Debug Diagnostic
Measure Diagnostic
Ping Diagnostic
Repair Diagnostic
Resolve Diagnostic
Test Diagnostic
Trace Diagnostic
Connect Communications
Disconnect Communications
Read Communications
Receive Communications
Send Communications
Write Communications
Block Security
Grant Security
Protect Security
Revoke Security
Unblock Security
Unprotect Security
Use Other