O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: opalis: (the real) integration pack help files

Aug 4, 2010

opalis: (the real) integration pack help files

some of the best help files are the .chm (compiled html help) files that accompany the IPs.  the release notes are good for cursory information but don't provide a lot of value above that.  if you're looking for them, most are under the client location.

files folder description
oisip*.chm <opalis software>\opalis integration server\client these are the general names of the integration pack help files.
database_configuration.chm <opalis software>\opalis integration server\management service this is not very useful after the initial configuration of the opalis database
oisdeploymentmanager.chm <opalis software>\opalis integration server\management service\console help file for deployment manager

most of your time spent will most likely be in the oisip*.chm files.  they contain the help information and samples respective to each integration pack.  start automating something.