O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: granting remote wmi permissions

Jul 27, 2010

granting remote wmi permissions

realizing that this information being embedded in an opalis blog post may prove obscure and difficult to locate, I'm reproducing it here.  this is basically a summary of how I managed to grant rights to the opalis action server account in order for it to have wmi query access to a windows server 2003 sp2 server.


  • dcom permissions adjustment (on the sccm server)
    • launch dcomcnfg.
    • navigate to component services \ computers \ my computer.  right-click my computer, choose properties.
    • under the com security tab, click edit limits in both sections.
    • grant the following rights to the ois action account:
      • remote access
      • remote launch
      • remote activation
    • navigate to the dcom config section under my computer, locate windows management instrumentation
    • right-click windows management instruction, choose properties. 
    • under the security tab, click edit under the launch and activation permissions section.
    • grant the ois action account the following permissions:
      • remote launch
      • remote activation
  • sccm permissions
    collections read
      read resource
    advertisement read
    deployment read
    package read