O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: opalis: operator console nuances to avoid

Jun 10, 2010

opalis: operator console nuances to avoid

i’ve been saying on twitter that i was going to rebuild my opalis environment.  i did – and i did it just to capture some good notes.  the previous environment was kind of built with spit, glue, prayer, hope, and duct tape.  before i turn anything over for implementation, i like to make sure things are pretty sound.  anyway, i never could get the operator console to work before.  after i saw mark gosson’s demo again, i was determined to figure out why.  the answer was so stupid i wanted to smack myself.  oh well.  at least there are some good items that may help someone else.


use the OPCONSOLEINSTALLER command-line wizard (or script, if you prefer)

the first thing you should be aware of is that there’s an installer for the operator console.  to get this to work right, this is what you’ll have to do.

  1. create a folder for your console.  make it simple.  mine was c:\opalis\jboss.
  2. copy the contents of jboss-4.2.3.GA to this folder.  your directory contents should look like this:


  3. copy the operatorconsole directory (\opalis integration server\operatorconsole) to a location like c:\temp\operatorconsole.
  4. now copy all of the downloaded content to c:\temp.

now you’re ready to start the script.  just point to the directories you created when the “command-line wizard” asks you for them.


if you’re using active directory authentication, use the right credentials

even though configured contents of the opalis-activedirectory-service.xml indicate the directory structure and paths to use, you still have to supply a domain name when authenticating.  the jboss cmd window (if you’re using it interactively instead of as a service) will throw this error if it encounters an authentication attempt without it:

10:10:05,381 ERROR [AccountServicesActiveDirectory] LDAP error
javax.naming.AuthenticationException: [LDAP: error code 49 - 80090308: LdapErr:
-0C090334, comment: AcceptSecurityContext error, data 525, vece ]

which by the way, you get this if you use a wrong account as well.  so, make sure you add the domain!  ex: MYDOM\MYUSERID


if you’re using sql server, good grief, configure it right

in a production environment, i would have never run into this issue.  why?  because there are much smarter people running sql server here that know how to configure it.  :)  unfortunately, i missed the part in the guide about tcpip.  if you’re trying this out and can’t get your operator console to work either, enable tcpip in sql server configuration manager.


sadly, yes, it was that simple.  i didn’t realize it until i saw this error code in the jboss cmd window:

09:43:23,630 WARN  [JBossManagedConnectionPool] Throwable while attempting to get a new
connection: null org.jboss.resource.JBossResourceException: Could not create connection; -
nested throwable: (com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerException: The TCP/IP connection
to the host has failed. java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect)