O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: using calc to convert error codes

Mar 31, 2009

using calc to convert error codes

first of all, i have lost this link more times than i can remember.  you would think i’d have memorized it by now.  no one escapes the ravages of old age!  i took this from anthony clendenen’s blog who in turn got it from ken lutz, according to the blog post.

anyway, here’s how you do this.  we start off with the value –2147467259.  (don’t worry about the negative sign.  it converts to the same value.)

  1. open calc
  2. go scientific
  3. go dec and degrees
  4. put in the value
  5. use [+/-] button if it makes you feel better.  otherwise, reference what i said in parenthesis.
  6. go hex and word if you want the last four values (4005)
  7. go hex and dword if you want the full value (80004005)

use your favorite search engine and search to your heart’s galore.  i find that searching for the full value generally yields better results.