O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: sms: sql query to display chassis type

Dec 31, 2007

sms: sql query to display chassis type

here's a query inspired by a post from garth jones for something sherry kissinger whipped up. this sql query basically gives you an output of all of your machines, with the type of chassis.

select  sys.name0 as 'Name', sys.manufacturer0 as 'Manufacturer', sys.model0 as 'Model',
        case enc.chassistypes0
            when 1 then 'Other'
            when 2 then 'Unknown'
            when 3 then 'Desktop'
            when 4 then 'Low Profile Desktop'
            when 5 then 'Pizza Box'
            when 6 then 'Mini Tower'
            when 7 then 'Tower'
            when 8 then 'Portable'
            when 9 then 'Laptop'
            when 10 then 'Notebook'
            when 11 then 'Hand Held'
            when 12 then 'Docking Station'
            when 13 then 'All in One'
            when 14 then 'Sub Notebook'
            when 15 then 'Space-Saving'
            when 16 then 'Lunch Box'
            when 17 then 'Main System Chassis'
            when 18 then 'Expansion Chassis'
            when 19 then 'SubChassis'
            when 20 then 'Bus Expansion Chassis'
            when 21 then 'Peripheral Chassis'
            when 22 then 'Storage Chassis'
            when 23 then 'Rack Mount Chassis'
            when 24 then 'Sealed-Case PC'
            else 'Unknown'
        End As 'Chassis'
from    v_gs_computer_system sys join
        v_gs_system_enclosure enc on sys.resourceid=enc.resourceid
order by 'Chassis'