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Sep 13, 2006

mom: if it keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs...

...but the push-button finger. and aren't we better creatures for it, mr. frank lloyd wright? by the way, pass me the remote. i'm already starting off on a very bad note. blogger just ate my homework so to speak. i was nearly done with this post when it decided to go rabid and eat the whole thing before my eyes. oh spare me the virtues of saving often. i'm quite annoyed. oh well. i hear that you actually write better when you write the same thing twice... uh huh. so to get started, recently the idea was tossed around that if we lost our management packs because of some errant corruption, we'd most likely have to reimport the stock management packs, trudge through the years of change data, and reset everything back to the way it was. either that or we have to restore the database. since neither of these options are really any better than eating a handful of chalk, we decided we should export management packs as a part of a weekly process. this way, if anything is corrupted, we've only lost a week's worth of changes. so since it was my buddy's brilliant idea, i told him to go ahead and get started. after two hours of teeth grinding and mouse-clicking, he was finally done with the mountain of management packs he had to export. at that point, i decided i should write a script. partly because i felt sorry for the guy, and mostly because i didn't want to go through that exercise myself. i would liked to have used managementmoduleutil.exe as it came from the factory, but alas, it's missing some parts that are simply required to be categorized under "automated". first of all, you have to direct the utility to the processing rule group that you want to export. i suppose you could export your list of top-level PRGs and feed it to the utility in some kind of inelegant for loop. however, if you add a management pack, that list will have to be updated each time. so, i set off to find where this data was held. turns out, it's in the database... in the most unintuitive way. (i want to quietly thank all of those that helped me with this that i can't mention their names for one reason or another...) rory alluded to a procedure on the database server that would do exactly what i was looking for. i found it. :) in case you're interested, the name of the stored procedure is ProcessRuleSelectAllTopLevelGroups. i took the relevant query from the procedure and put it in the script. now i get a dynamic list of all the top-level processing rule groups on a given management group that can be fed into the managementmoduleutil.exe. push-button that, wright. now, it'll export .AKM files to a share. that wasn't enough for me. i wanted that information on both of my management servers. in order to do this i dropped a line in to copy the AKM file to the same share on the other management server. oh by the way, it'll create a folder with the current date in case you want to run it every day and keep a rolling log of AKMs (more or less). it's a really simple script. i'm sure it's inefficient as hell so please do liberally modify it to suit your needs. be warned, there is barely a hint of error checking. these are the things you'll need. i put them all in the same directory.
  • mom_MPBackup.vbs
  • ManagementModuleUtil.exe
  • MOMCommon.dll
the script, unmodified, requires three arguments in this format:
cscript.exe mom_MPBackup.vbs databaseserver mgmtserver1 mgmtserver2
if your database server is on an instance, just specify it like [databasename\instance]. i've uploaded it to momresources.org and myitforum.com if you want a copy.