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Jul 27, 2006

mom: memory processes

NOTE: this script is deprecated. feel free to use it, but you should refer to this post, which actually has a newer, cooler script.

this is kind of a follow on to my earlier post regarding cpu processes.

this time, it detects memory processes. anyway, the thing works pretty much the same way. the logic is a bit different in the way it returns information, only because i didn't want to figure out how to do a bubble sort in vbscript and finding a threshold marker ... wasn't too sure about that either.

i don't profess to be a script guru. what i did was tally up the total process workingsetsize by the number of total processes. using that as a kind of median value, the script returns anything above that threshold line. workingsetsize divided by 1024 gives you the same thing as task manager, in case you were wondering about that.

if you have better suggestions, please do rewrite or modify and let me know! :) it's posted to the usual places: momresources.org myitforum.com