O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: mom: all notifications for a server

Jun 8, 2006

mom: all notifications for a server

pretty quick and easy. didn't even believe that it would work since it seems to defy logic (at least mine). apparently it does. once i set it up, i realized why. here's the steps:
  1. create a new rule group.
  2. create a computer group (or use an existing one).
  3. populate the computer group with the computers you want alerts for.
  4. associate the computer group to the rule group.
  5. create an alert rule.
    • only match alerts generated by rules... should be unchecked.
    • add a severity criteria if you want.
    • setup a notification response.
i've no doubt you're smarter than me, but entertain me for a bit and let me explain. the alert rule in this case, is not bound to work for rules of any given rule group. therefore, the alert rule is generic and applies to anything that matches its criteria.