O R G A N I C / F E R T I L I Z E R: mom: application log provider (snafu) throws error 25222

Apr 5, 2006

mom: application log provider (snafu) throws error 25222

david (henson) and i were kicking this around a bit, if you happened to have been watching on the msmom mailing list only to come to a ridiculous fix. anyway, this may come to bite you in the ass at some point or cause unnecessary pain so i had to blog it (not to mention i may forget about it as i slip quietly into senility). i think david may have lost some hair from this one. i encouraged him to call pss. when you're setting up an application log provider, you have to specify the below properties.
  • provider name:
  • provider log type: generic single-line log file
  • directory: x:\test\logs
  • format: generic
  • file pattern: crud.log
none of it is out of the ordinary or difficult to interpret. however, you want to pay careful attention to the way you terminate your directory path. if the directory ends with a trailing backslack, mom may generate event 25222. in the above example, a bad directory path would be "x:\test\logs\". since it's not documented anywhere, i'm encouraging him to get his money back. :) the moral of the story is read your documentation and make sure what you're about to ask is not presented. to give you an idea of how sparse the topic material is covered, here's a snippet from the mom 2005 help file...
Application Log Provider Properties: Directory Edit Allows you to specify criteria to define the files that the application log provider processes. The fields are defined as follows: Format Specifies the format of the log files in the specified directory. Directory Specifies the location of the log file. Pattern Displays the file pattern specified in the File Pattern Edit dialog. Click Add to add an application log file pattern. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Did you find this information useful? Please send your suggestions and comments about the documentation to momdocs@microsoft.com.
ummm... no?